45 minutes — $59.95


Here it is-- the rematch between Julie and Mia - a leg feast that continues the grudge from Tape #153. We start out with the girls in jeans comparing legs and challenging each other to a match. As they slowly take off their skintight jeans we see their firm strong legs. Finally the challenge is reaffirmed in the ring and the girls get it on. Legs, legs, and more legs! Stomachs and heads pulled, twisted, and squeezed by four firm, strong, legs attached to two lovely ladies that relish every painful second. Valiant, skilled warriors who refuse to give an inch until one finally submits and demands yet another rematch. But, can she muster enough strength to drag herself across the mat to finish the fight at hand.


The next match pits beautiful young Rochelle, in a skintight, sheer, cotton one-piece that highlights all her curves, against the voluptuous, larger Lisa. From the opening bell you can tell this is going to be a fabulous match. These catfighters really get slaphappy, slapping the face, the butt, the legs-- well, they slap everything. They definitely seem to dislike each other as they choke and bite, joyously inflicting pain. The camera seems connected to these girls, and watching one feels very much a part of this fierce action. Towards the end one girl takes over and dominates until she completely humiliates her opponent. She then adds a long and final humiliation that will surprise, bewilder and entertain.