DT 153


1 hour — $59.95


This one's for all of you who want to see beautiful women that can really wrestle. With all the throws, holds, and pain you long to see from these gladiators. The first match features two of our best smaller wrestlers, Julie and Mia. Every leghold you can think of, and a few you can't, are used in this one. Julie suspends Mia's lithe body from the ropes then drops her hard to the canvas. Mia cradles Julie and repeatedly slams her buttocks down. This match was so intense that later that day these two challenged each other to a rematch to determine who has the strongest legs.


Our next match brings back Erika, the busty little spitfire who is as mean as she is strong. She is pitted against the wily, taut Mia. Erika takes the early advantage, straddling Mia across the turnbuckle and she slugging away at Mia's tight midsection until Mia collapses to the mat. With some fabulous stretching and pressure holds Erika is counter-attacked by Mia's moves, holds, and throws. A classic battle that culminates with an unbelievable back-breaker and body slam.

Last, but most definitely not least, the agile, beautiful Julie takes on our British blonde bombshell with the amazing body, Bobbie. These girls are evenly matched and take turns destroying each other. Julie presses the limber Bobbie's legs to her face and steps on Bobbie's neck as her head dangles over the ropes. Bobbie drops her sleek powerful body on Julie. Long and painful pressure holds round out this great match as we the loser writhe in pain.