45 minutes — $59.95


Christine Dupree, formerly known as Tene, is one of our most requested wrestlers. Nobody can win or lose like this buxom Penthouse centerfold, so we decided to dedicate an entire tape to her. In the first match she faces the lean, mean, Mia - dressed in black tights and gloves and ready for destruction. This is a fabulous match that shows off both gorgeous females, from Christine's large, beautifully shaped breasts to Mia's firm, round buttocks. These two sexy ladies wrap their legs around each other and roll over and under each other across the canvas. Mia seems preoccupied with Christine's ass, as she constantly slaps, kneads, and punches her opponent's rear. She even pulls her bottoms off as she puts Christine to the mat. Christine pins Mia's arms around the ropes and slams her flesh over and over. But Mia gets her revenge. Punches are thrown, over and over to the Christine's midsection. A classic match full of action, dominance, rage and beauty.


Now, get ready for Match #2 where Christine struts out in a long black robe under which is a small red bikini and red high heels. She walks around the ring sizing up her opponent, the pert, sexy Julie. Julie recently had a baby so you might think she had her breasts enlarged, but that's all natural, baby. The rest seems to have made Julie more sexy and powerful than ever, as she traps Christine in a pile driver. But nobody out-means Christine who drives a foot hard into Julie's crotch. Julie then rips Christine's top off and tries to strangle her with it. Once the breasts are free they let loose with lots of throws, horsy rides, scissors, clotheslines, and tit mauling. An action-packed match with great camera shots that allow you to really feel like you're there..