45 minutes — $59.95


Our first match pits the lovely, blonde, large-breasted Quisha against dark, sleek Lisa. Lisa is new to DT, but not new to wrestling, as she has been wrestling in one of the local wrestling night clubs for years. Lisa, a tough girl and a good fighter, wanted to start wrestling for us so we threw her in with Quisha to see what she could do. Once the tops are torn off Lisa seems to loosen up and really takes it to Quisha. However, little did Lisa know that that's just what Quisha needed to get her going.


Our second match was a highly requested one. You wanted to see the huge-bosomed,, beautiful Lela do battle with the firmest of the firm, Mia. These are two of our most anxious battlers - they love to wrestle, and it shows. They truly enjoy jumping, and rolling on each other-- or at least one of them does as Mia starts taking over with her punching and scissor holds. Mia's strong young legs are constantly wrapped around the voluptuous Lela. As Mia's muscles contract it seems to make Lela's breasts appear larger - if that's even fathomable. Mia is meaner than usual, and really seems to enjoy dominating the exotic Lela. And dominate Mia does, as she drags Lela's large breasts around the ring. Another great match brought to you by the company that never stops delivering the ultimate in female combat.