1 hour 20 minutes — $59.95

Only one thing could surpass our first Private Eye Shelly adventure (Tape #148) - and that's a sequel. The response was overwhelming to our first movie, so we decided to go all out for our second one. A longer movie with more fights, more action and more beautiful women! Because Shelly got the micro-tape in the last adventure she was able to buy her own agency and even take over the training camp. She's a tough boss, as we see early in this telefantasy when the gorgeous Bobbie comes in to cause some trouble. A fight ensues, with two female wildcats vying for territory. Bobbie's beauty and unbelievable body have made her one of our most requested women. There's no love lost between Bobbie and Shelly, as Bobbie tries to pull Shelly's hair out by the roots, and Shelly tries to rip Bobbie's perfect breasts off.


Later, the plot thickens as Shelly tries to infiltrate Quisha's business and retrieve a diamond necklace that Quisha has recovered for a customer. Shelly sends her assistant Julie over to Quisha's house to find out what she knows. But, Bobbie has already warned Quisha, and Quisha ambushes the surprised Julie. Ouisha and Julie do battle in the house, and they soon rip each other's tops off as they roll over the furniture. They each strain to grab an extension cord to choke her opponent and eventually one girl does.

We won't say how Shelly gets into this fight, but eventually she and Julie force Quisha back to the training ring where Shelly plans to avenge her humiliation from the time Quisha forced her into the ring in the previous episode. Revenge isn't so easy to extract from a tough girl like Quisha as Shelly soon finds out. The battle rages as these topless wonders try to destroy each other, even to the point of biting each other's breasts. The victor does a thorough job of humiliating the loser, and you'll want to see every degrading moment.