1 hour — $59.95


Leave h to Double Trouble to go that extra step to enhance your female combat experience. You're going to love this one! Everything in one tape! The beautiful, large Shelly is hired by the Martin detective agency to steal a micro-tape from Quisha's house, but Shelly is caught in the act, and a destructive rumble ensues. If you love watching two beautiful, large-bosomed girls trying to rip each other's tits off; then you'll love this match. For those of you who haven't had the pleasure of seeing Quisha before, then you are in for quite an enjoyable eye full. Making her DT debut Quisha is a voluptuous vixen with long blonde hair, tall curvy body, and breasts in the multi-D cup range. This fight rages through three rooms, as Shelly and Quisha rip each other's clothes off. They both seem to be envious of the others large assets as they desperately try to bite, smash, and even tear each other's oversized mammaries off. This is one of the all-time great catfights and can only be stopped when a guard arrives and trains a gun on Shelly. The guard and Quisha take the handcuffed Shelly to their training camp and force her to fight their trainer, Spice, who is busy training three of her beautiful, eager students. Shelly is forced to fight the strong, imposing Spice, and does well for herself-until Spice's girls join the fray. And once Spice takes over we get a lesson in classic wrestling, as every possible hold, move and throw is executed on poor Shelly. Even Quisha joins in to add to the final humiliation. But, who has the micro-tape? This one is a must!