45 minutes — $59.95


As you may remember from our earlier tapes the canvas on our ring was falling into sorry shape, so we decided to get a new heavy duty out door canvas. We start to shoot and it's another hot sunny California day so inevitably mat gets too hot to even step on. So we decide to wet it down, but this mat is made of rubber and becomes very slippery. We weren't sure if the girls could wrestle on it, but, as you'll this happenstance ended up providing us with two of our most enjoyable matches. Our first match starts out with the oft-requested Brit Bobbie, tall, lean, long-legged and full-breasted taking on another of our popular girls, the strong, rock-hard Erika. Not only do these ladies have two of the most perfect bodies you'll ever see, but they come to get it on. One throw and they slide across the wet ring, sometimes almost out of the ring. Then a slip and another slide. Watch as four of the firmest legs you'll ever see entangle and flex their firm muscles causing the water to run off of their perfect round, taught buttocks. And when the tops come off and the water glistens on these large firm breasts you'll know that this is a match you'll enjoy watching over and over and over again


Next the pert, hard-bodied Mia takes on a tall, full-breasted blonde newcomer named Monica. Again, this unpredictable wet wonderland proves to be an absolutely terrific venue for fun-tastic grappling action. Watch the wet and wild Mia show the new girl the soggy ropes. Monica has to learn fast, however, or Mia will continue to slide Monica's large boobs through the water. These young women enjoy playing in the water, until the play degenerates into some serious fighting. The water brings their nipples to attention, and the girls to their knees, and you to a wet and wild viewing extravaganza.