45 minutes — $59.95


Lela talks the little Brit Ashley into this match, and Lela, like a spider with a fly trapped in her web, starts to eat her prey. Ashley puts up a valiant struggle, as the larger Lela lets the destruction loose. The Ashley's firm little body twitches as Lela smothers her with her huge bosoms. Over and over Lela's sadistic desires are satisfied as the defenseless Ashley is subjected to unequaled abuse. Once an animal has a laste for blood you just can't hold it back.


Lela then talks another victim into her web. The unsuspecting Mardi is challenged to a fair match to see which girl gets a certain job. "Legal holds only," says Lela as she smiles. This smile continues even through her brutal, totally illegal, and decidedly unfair assault. Again, Mardi starts out as a worthy opponent, but the cruel Lela soon starts her brutal smothering tactics, and the beautiful young Mardi is soon twitching helplessly on the canvas. The heat became so intense that we constantly had to hose off the girls. Dominance, destruction-and more dominance!.