1 hour — $59.95


Who will get the job? A detective agency needs a tough beautiful girl for a big assignment and it's a choice between Shelly and exotic newcomer Lela. To decide who gets the job the owner of the agency decides to have them fight it out. Of course, this pleases the Burbank Bomber no end as Shelly doesn't believe she can be beaten. But cocky, huge-breasted Lela has other ideas. The battle begins with these big women squaring off, with each body toss causing the ring to quiver as they hit. Their tops are ripped off, and a wide angle lens has to be put on because it's not often that a camera is treated to so much mammary flesh in one frame. Without a doubt these are two of our meanest, sexiest maulers, and you will love them both!


We go from buxom babes to sleek sexy sirens as Mia takes on the newcomer Nicole for the second match. Nicole is a beautiful long-legged brunette. She just turned eighteen and wants to fight, and what she lacks in experience she more than makes up for in enthusiasm. Mia is her usual tough self. The leg scissors alone are worth the price of this tape.

145 Detective Shelly returns at the end of this tape as her detective saga continues. Alexis arrives and yells foul; she claims Shelly stole her invitation for the first fight to decide who will get the detective job. The agency owner wants Alexis to get a crack at the detective job and Shelly finally agrees. The next day brings Alexis ready to take on Shelly. Both girls are angry and ready to rumble. From the opening throws to the humiliating ending you will love this match. Alexis wants to rip Shelly's tits off, but that is a formidable task. These girls got so hot they had to be repeatedly hosed off. A fabulous topless tape!