45 minutes — $59.95


Spice Williams is definitely a super fem, and this is the match to prove it. Our muscular beauty takes on Scott, a good wrestler in his own right. Our wrestlers seemed even in the beginning. Spice soon realized she was up against a veteran wrestler as he applied many well-executed holds. His male strength seemed to equal hers, and a backbreaker and throw to the mat would seem to spell the end for any lady battler. That is-- if it were any lady battler but Spice Williams. Slowly, she works her way back, as Spice finds her pressure holds to be very effective. She calls upon her superior skill and endurance, and finally she finds enough to vanquish her foe, but not before both parties have been thoroughly battered and exhausted. An ultimate mixed match, with all the throws and holds a real wrestling match should have.


Our second match adds a real contrast to this tape. The pert, tough Mia also takes on Scott, but, incredibly, has a much easier time. At first, it seemed like Scott's strength versus Mia's quickness would end up with strength getting the upper hand. Then, suddenly, with the use of her feet, Mia kicks Scott into a dazed state, and from then on she proceeds to destroy him-not just destruction, but total humiliation. Enslaving him and forcing him to withstand degrading foot fetish desires - until, finally, a battered and exhausted Scott lies sprawled out at Mia's feet.