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Women in control -- women inflicting pain -- dominant dames of destruction -- all ready to do battle. And who better to start this tape than the lioness, Liz, who starts by chatting with her roommate, the long lean Annette outside the ring. The chat turns ugly and Annette explodes with a physical attack on Liz. The battle rages on into the ring as Annette's surprise attack gives her the upper hand as she sets out to destroy Liz, totally dominating her. Eventually, however, Liz regains her senses and turns the tables on Annette-with a vengeance. Liz's killer body is made for destruction, as she demolishes Annette. Liz throws everything she has at her opponent and soon Annette is rendered defenseless. But, this doesn't stop Liz as she continues to pummel Annette. Punch after punch, ldck after kick , Liz dishes out the purishment. She ties Annette up and pounds Annette's stomach. Liz drags her to the edge of the ring, where she pulls her legs out of the ring, and beats Annette some more, each new blow causing Annette to wretch with pain.


And if that's not enough destruction for you, Jamie and Mia go for blood in our second match. Mia is a strong wrestler but once Jaime starts choking her, it's all over but for the torture. Over and over Jamie beats and and smothers poor Mia. Jamie even ties Mia to the ropes, freeing her own hands to better continue her merciless assault. Mia's beautiful young body convulses from the beating and lack of oxygen. Jamie takes such joy in the destruction - smiling and laughing as she endlessly subjects her victkn to torment. If you like destruction, then this tape was made for you!