1 hour — $59.95

You're going to love this one! Wild women that love physical contact. So let's rumble! Our first match is a topless tussle and introduces two new beauties, Alexis and Ashley. Ashley (not the one from earlier matches) is a firm, young, petite hardbody while Alexis is a larger, stronger, meaner battler who loves to use her size to her advantage. Alexis pulls Ashley's legs over her head and sits on her, using all her weight to crush Ashley's back. Then Alexis rips Ashley's top off and uses it to strangle her. You'll love to watch them enjoy their work, as they give you an action-packed match.


Our next match features the much-requested return of exotic, dark-skinned Jamie, who goes up against another newbie, beautiful Shawna. Shawna is a gorgeous long-legged blonde that you may recognize from her many appearances in all the major men's magazines such as Playboy. What a delicious contrast of Shawna's creamy white skin and Jaime's smooth brown curves. Shawna's firm white ass sits on top of Jamie's brown buttocks as Shawna strains to rip Jamie's long legs apart. You will witness a fabulous wrestling drop as Shawna does a hand stand against the ropes, then drops on the defenseless Jamie. Beautiful bodies, beautiful breasts, and great action - what more could you want?

More? Well, more you shall have as Denise takes on Ashley. Now, we already know how game Ashley is, but this Denise is a real killer. Denise is a thin girl with strong muscular legs which she uses to squeeze the life out of her opponent. Mean, strong, and ready to inflict pain - these girls give you their all. Legs galore are pulled, bent, and stretched to the limit. Three excellent matches make this tape an entertainment bonanza.