1 hour — $59.95


Some of the greatest pro-style wrestling you'll ever witness is ready for your enjoyment. This tape starts out with two of the best: the notorious muscle-woman Spice vs. that gorgeous blonde bombshell Andrea. Yes, Spice Williams is really back, and Andrea decides to learn some of the master's tricks. Spice, always the willing teacher, soon finds that her student has already picked up some tricks of her own. This match has more throws, more holds and more action than you will believe-plus brutal backbreakers that are held for excruciatingly long intervals and earth-jolting bodyslams to the canvas. At one point Spice is thrown so hard she slides across the ring. A two-out-of-three-fall match that will exceed your wildest dreams. Two days later these girls were still nursing their injuries.


We didn't believe we could ever top that first match so we were prepared for a much less effective second match when the mighty Spice was matched against Mia, still a relative novice. Little did we know how much Mia had been practicing. This was Mia's chance to show everyone what she could do, and she was ready. And if you think we were surprised, you can imagine Spice's astonishment when she finds herself on her back after one of Mia's expertly executed throws. Mia demonstrates amazing strength for such a compact body. Double Trouble is very proud of this match as it shows the commitment our women have to wrestling and to offering you the best possible entertainment. Beautiful women who can really wrestle is what this tape is all about.