1 hour — $59.95


We've had many requests for another boxing tape so here we go. Get ready to rumble, the beauties are boxing again. Our first battling beauty is the firm, fast Mia who mixes it up with large Leslie. This is a marvelous match up: power vs. speed. They each work the body, the head and sometimes even the back. Action all the way with many knock downs. Watch the close ups of the gloves as they strike the firm flesh. Witness that unbelievable knockout punch. Some of the best boxing action you will ever see.


The famous Sugar Rae Renna referees the second bout and introduces our combatants. In one comer we find the well-endowed Tracy and in the opposite corner is the voluptuous blonde Michele. These ladies came ready to fight, as is apparent through the first few rounds. They get so carried away that they even throw off the gloves and go at it bare-handed--and when the ref tries to stop them, they knock her down. During this attack they rip each other's top off. The gloves eventually go back on, but the tops stay off. Watching these beauties bounce and box is a real treat. Each powerful punch rattles these wild breasts into a quivering frenzy. The boxers battle on and on until battered bodies start hitting the canvas. If you love to watch boxing beauties taking no prisoners than you'll want to see all sixteen rounds of the pounding excitement on this tape.