1 hour — $59.95


Two long matches that have a little bit of everything. The first match pits the large, uninhibited Shelly going against the exotic Terry (known in an earlier tape as Gigi). Terry is smaller than Shelly-- except for her breasts. Yes, this thin, young, dark beauty has remarkably large breasts for a girl her size. They start out with spiked heels and tight dresses. But Shelly decides she wants Terry's dress and tries to physicaly tear her out of it, which isn't easy considering how tightly Terry's short dress clings to her firm young body. And Terry isn't about to be woman-handled, especially not by her larger female opponent. They battle breast to breast, and that's saying quite a lot.. War in spiked heels with their dresses stretched above their waists revealing sexy, skimpy black panties. This is an action-packed match that you will find incredibly sensual.


The second of our high-heel adventures introduces two new girls to the Double Trouble stable. Dorine, a long-legged, firm, young beauty takes on Rene, a voluptous blonde. These girls have wrestled for years at a local Hollywood club, but the ring was a new experience for them. The heels also provided a new challenge, and it took a little time for the girls to adapt. But, once the combat commenced and their young breasts were bared, their fighting instincts took over and we had one bodacious battle on our hands.