1 hour — $59.95


Young, beautiful and ready to fight-that's Jamie and Mia. Mia, that beautiful brunette with one of the firmest bodies imaginable. Jamie, one of the most provocative, most requested of our rasslin' gals. And they're both out to give you a match worthy of their youth and exuberence. Like two cats in a cage they claw at each other's tender flesh. Soon the tops are ripped of revealing those pert handfuls of firm flesh with rigid nipples. Like Jamie, Mia is developing quite a following and you'll know why after you consume this tasty treat.


The second match on this tape is destined to be anotherclassic. Shelly, the Burbank Bomber, returns to do what she does best-attack. But, you'll all be happy to know we have found her a worthy opponent. Cheryl, while new to DT, is not new to wrestling. She's as big, as strong, and, believe it or not, as mean as Shelly. And we mean big in every sense. Shelly and Cheryl can't wait to do battle as their dresses are soon ripped off and they go all out for blood. When these grapplers lose their tops, their Double-D's are freed, forcing our cameraman to switch to a wide-angle lens. You can feel the vibrations as these big, buxom babes hit the canvas. It's scary to see so much power and anger in the ring at one time.