1 hour — $59.95


For an exhibition of real wrestling we bring back one of our best and most requested battlers, the amazing Andrea. Never has such beauty been coupled with such talent. We've had so many requests for her that we had to bring her back and feature her in two matches on the same tape. Many of you also wanted to see her wrestle Julie so we flew Julie in from Vegas where she was singing at a night club, and the girls went for a two out of three fall match. They hit the mat flying, not only to win but to show who is the better wrestler. You will love watching all the holds, the throws, and the falls-- two such fabulous beauties wrestling their cute asses off.


This amazing match will just get you warmed up for the next wrestling triumph. Again Andrea attacks, and this time she wraps her curvaceous body around the kinetic Kimberly. You may remember Kimberly from an earlier tape after which her return was heavily requested. So here she is. Andrea and Kimberly's fabulous wrestling is somewhat overshadowed by four of the most striking legs you will ever see. Long, lean legs that are constantly straining as they wrap around each other's torsos. Kimberly proves to be a tenacious opponent, providing a great wrestling match full of great glistening gams. Real wrestling for real wrestling fans.