45 minutes — $59.95


Catfights in the home can be very sensuous and these are two of the best. We start out with the talented Erika and two new beauties, Faye and Mia (destined to become Double Trouble's most popular grappler). Attired in skimpy lingerie, Faye a beautiful buxom blonde, is having the hard-bodied Erika show her some wrestling moves. A knock at the door is answered and we meet the gorgeous, mean Mia, who, has just gotten a part in a western movie that the other girls also wanted. Mia, dressed in her cowboy hat, boots, short black skirt, and carrying a lariat, proceeds to brag that she can out-wrestle them. Mia starts out against Faye who quickly loses her top and almost her life as Mia tries to squeeze the air out of her, but Erika steps in and before you know it we have a rollicking battle where women are ridden like horses and the rope gets used like never before.


The second match is destined to be a classic. First of all it has two of the most beautiful women you will ever see. Remember Tene (Christine), the gorgeous Penthouse centerfold? Well, she's back! And she's confronted by newcomer Bobbie, a tall, bosomy, British blonde who's in bed talking to Tene when the girls decide to find out who's stronger by arm wrestling. But, this only leads to our full-figured femmes getting into a full-blown fight. And what a fight! They rip through lace to reveal those large well-formed breasts. And you wont believe what they can do with an old milk can!