1 hour — $59.95


Gasae and Mardi catch Belinda Belle in front of the ring and make it very apparent that they don't like her. The challenge is made - a two-against-one tag handicap match with tag team rules. Instantly, Belinda jumps Gasae and tries to destroy her. Mardi takes her turn but Belinda is too strong. This torrid pace continues as the girls tag in and Belinda finds slugging keeps her in control. But, Belinda starts to tire and the team starts taking advantage of Belle's fatigue by double-teaming her. One girl holds Belinda in the corner while the other punches Belle in the stomach. The pounding fist is the weapon of destructive choice. Non-stop destruction with no hope for mercy. Punch after destructive punch, kick after fatal kick - will it ever stop? For all of those that want to see the real agony of defeat, THIS ONE IS A MUST.


How can we follow a match like that? Let's just sacrifice two young mat nymphs to the wrestling gods. Shawn, a spunky young blonde, goes up against Jamie, a gorgeous Hawaiian girl with jet black hair and dark skin. What these neophytes lack in experience they make up for in energy. These girls love to roll around on top of each other, offering that beautiful contrast of milky skin on brown firm flesh. A fitting coda to a classic symphony of unbelievable destruction.