1 hour — $59.95


Are you ready for one of the roughest, toughest tag matches you've ever seen? Well then, you won't want to miss Belinda and Erika as they take on Julie and Gasae. Julie and Erika start the match and from the beginning we can see this is going to be an all-out war. Erick is small, but very strong, which is quite apparent when she picks Julie up and throws her to the mat. She then rips Julie's T-shirt up around her arms and drags her across the ring. Belinda is tagged in to take her turn and Julie soon goes to her partner. Gasae quickly gets the best of Belinda by putting her in a headlock and delivering some deadly blows to her head. While Belinda is stunned Gasae puts Belinda in a scissors and pulls her T-shirt up over her firm round breasts. Belinda doesn't stay subdued for long and comes back with a vengeance as Gasae is - thrown through the air, head-bashed into the turnbuckle and slammed to the mat. The tables keep turning until eventually all four girls are in the ring. Bare breasted warriors that will stop at nothing to win, until it deteriorates into a slugfest. So much action that the cameras had trouble keeping up with it all. This could well be one of our greatest tag matches.


For the second match on this tape we have two young hardbodies Ginger and Gigi. Once these girls rip off their tops and get the sweat flowing we know we're in for a treat;. They may look sweet and demure, but they fight with the baddest of intentions, spanking, throwing, and baring those beautiful young breasts. And that's just the opening minutes. Ginger, with her blonde hair, looks like she just stepped off a California beach, while Gigi, with her auburn hair and dark skin, appears to have just arrived from the Rivera. Watch as youth attacks youth with the enthusiasm only the young possess. A tape with more beauty and action you will never find.