1 hour

119 Something happens when the girls go at it at home. Without a ring, they seem more free, more intense, more anxious for blood. Our first catfight breaks out when Lynn-Marie is interrupted while exercising by the very young and beautiful newcomer Stephanie. Stephanie taunts Lynn-Marie, saying she doesn't need to practice to be a wrestler. Insulted, Lynn intends to show this youngster some wrestling moves, expecting to completely dominate her. WRONG! Although Stephanie is young and small, she is very strong and proves to be a worthy opponent to the veteran Lynn-Marie. As the battle rages the tops are torn off revealing Lynn-Marie's large supple breasts and Staphanie's compact firm ones. Leg-holds are a dominant part of this match. Watch as each girl tries to squeeze the life out of the other. Lynn's large shapely legs wrap around Staphanie's tiny waist and then Stephanie wraps her firm muscular legs around Lynn's head. Two sweaty bodies entangle themselves on the dinning room floor. Finally, one girl is forced to submit-- but that's not good enough for the victor as she proceeds to humiliate her victim.

119 In our next match, we have catfighting at its rollicking best with FOUR beautiful women going at it in the living room.The scene opens as Debbie (Killer Tomato) is fitting her best friend Julie for her wedding gown. Into the room comes two of the bridesmaids, Sue and Terri. They have forgotten their dresses upstairs so Debbie takes Sue with her to get them. Julie and Terri start talking and, to would-be-bride Julie's dismay she finds out that Terri and the future groom have been close-- too damn close. This sets off a fight between bride and bridesmaid. Pulling hair and screaming, they fall to the couch, then on to the floor. Finally the other two girls return and break up the fight. After Julie, her lowered top revealing her rug-burned breasts, and Terri, her lace teddy pulled down to reveal hers, explain what happened, it is revealed that Sue has also had relations with the groom. This makes Debbie mad enough to go after Sue. Debbie tears into Sue pulling at her lacy underwear until her large breasts are also freed. Eventually, all four girls are going at it, each pair determined to destroy the other. Flesh, breasts. legs, hair. every thing is used as these girls fight to total exhaustion. The end of this one is a surprise that you will not only savor, but we hope you will also feel part of.

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