1 hour

118 The first of three topless matches is a battle between firm young Julie, in her white lace bikini, and sleek Noel, in her black bathing suit. Julie is definitely coming into her own as a wrestler, and Noel is the recipient of her new-found skills. Early in the match, in a fit of frustration, Noel tears Julie's top off, but being bare-breasted just seems to loosen Julie up as her determination burns hotter than ever. These two twisting wildcats' bodies are constantly wrapped around each other, squeezing, pulling, and letting out with strident battle cries. These girls are screamers! Turn the sound up on this one and delight in the chorus of groans, whimpers, and screams of agony. You won't want to miss Julie jumping on Noel's back, grabbing her curly black mane and riding her around the ring.

118 Our next match pits two of our strongest combatants: Sandy, a tough newcomer destined to be one of the greats, and the veteran California Angel. Angel now has red hair, which is very representative of her fiery ring style. Both girls take their turns dominating. Angel can't believe how good this new girl is, but Sandy has wrestled before-- and it shows. As they grapple, Angel pulls Sandy's top off, revealling the blonde's large, well-formed breasts, with nipples that continually look like she just stepped out of a refrigerator. The intensity of the wrestling causes Angel to lose her top as well and the camera is ready for the revelation with extended coverage of the un-coverage. So get ready!

118 In our final match on this tape we find power being pitted against speed, strength against agility, Lynn-Marie against Julie. Should this little girl even be in the ring with Lynn-Marie? Thee answer is a resounding "Yes!", and you will soon see why. Quickly after the fight starts Julie gets Lynn-Marie down and struggles to pull Lynn-Marie's tight top off those large supple breasts. Julie succeeds and once Lynn-Marie's breasts are released they to enjoy their freedom. But it isn't long before Lynn turns the tables as she puts a scissors hold on Julie and rips off the smaller girl's top. The action continues with heads rammed into the turnbuckle, vicious bearhugs, ass-to-breast body presses .Bodies are squeezed as firm breasts wriggle and writhe. This is a fight to remember on a tape that is a must-see!

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