1 hour

117 This tape starts out with a match between Julie, in a soft pink bikini, and California Angel, in a low-cut lavender bikini. These two have been talking about fighting each other for quite a while. Ever since Angel said that Julie wasn't in her class, Julie has been determined to prove her wrong. Angel starts out quick with an airplane spin, dropping Julie hard to the mat floor, but, to Angel's surprise, Julie bounces right back. Julie comes back with fury as she drags Angel around the mat by her hair, and then kicks her. But Angel is not one to be subdued for long. She is soon back on the attack, demonstrating one of the greatest rope holds ever as Angel puts Julie over the ropes, half in the ring, half out, and then gets on top of Julie to squeeze the life out of her. The cameras gets this shot from both sides and one can feel the pressure pushing the air out of Julie. This match ends with an unbelievable back-stretching hold.

117 Now for the big match on this tape-- and I do mean BIG-- as we have a tag team match that offers everything: Spice and Cheryl vs. Ashley and our newest pro, Killer Tomato! And a killer is what she is. The match starts with the two lithe young beauties, Cheryl and Ashley going at as their partners scream encouragement and beg to get in the battle. A full-nelson is applied by Cheryl but Ashley flips herself out of it. Cheryl clotheslines Ashley off the ropes. Cheryl then tags Spice, who nearly destroys Ashley until the smaller girl tags Killer Tomato, and the two pros go at it. One can soon tell that there is no love lost between these experienced warriors as they go for blood with holds , throws, blows and more blows. The fight is out of control and the ref steps in, but this just causes a free-for-all, with all four girls going at it at once. There is so much action the cameras can hardly keep up. Finally the beautiful blonde ref regains control. The intensity increases as the battle rages on, until two falls are over and the match is even. The third fall is the most intense of all as another melee breaks out, and things really get out of control. Killer Tomato throws Spice out of the ring and then follows her out to do battle on the floor. Has Spice finally met her match?

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