1 hour

115 The first match at this ultimate topless tape finds two absolutely magnificent maulers pitted against each other in our ring. Firm, sexy Julie vs. Cheryl, a newcomer to our D. T. wrestling team and sure to soon to be one of your favorites. Cheryl, a one time Playboy centerfold, is easily one of the most beautiful girls to set foot in a wrestling ring. Not just a beauty, this lady is also an experienced wrestler who has come to give Julie a real fight. And fight they do as these two perfect bodies go at it. The muscles of their lean, firm thighs are outlined as they wrap their legs around each other. In the midst of all this fury the tops are ripped off, revealing two set of perfectly formed breasts that seem to defy gravity as they point to the sky. These girls are both gifted with quickness which results in a fast-paced match which culminates with one girl finally submitting as the other gloats and relishes her victory.

115 In the next match we find the beautiful Cheryl again, this time battling the earthy Lynn-Marie. Lynn-Marie has the size advantage but Cheryl has thespeed. These ladies grapple at close quarters until their tops are torn off. Then the power of Lynn-Marie starts to take its toll as she gets Cheryl in many choke and squeeze submission holds. The smaller girl battles valiantly but Lynn-Marie's size proves too much for Cheryl - she submits and is made to pay for it!

115 Very little needs to be said about the last match on this tape. California Angel vs. Brandy. This one is a landmark because Angel bares all her upper assets and that's saying a lot. Brandy. also being well-endowed makes this one at the all time bustiest fights ever. Not just a flesh feast--these girls know their wrestling. A must for every wrestling fan!

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