1 hour

114 NO MERCY is an apt name for this tape as we're sure you'll agree once you see the first of - these two bikini matches. We begin with Brandy vs. Lynn-Marie. Both of these large-breasted, well-seasoned battlers come to this match with something to prove. No one is sure how this grudge got started but it is apparent that these ladies don't like each other. From the clanging of the bell the aggression is evident and increases to a fever pitch. It was so bad many of the people on the set wanted to stop the match, but it had already gone too far and there was no stopping these battlers. Their full figures intertwine as they try to rip each other's breasts off. Hair is pulled as the sweat rolls over the curves of their bodies. This seemingly neverending battle continued for almost a full half hour.

114 Next, famed mat veteran Spice Williams takes on relative newcomer Julie in a match that some experts have already dubbed one of the best of all time. Julie shows that even with her smaller frame she is a challenge for the more muscular Spice. It's power vs. speed as these gravity-defying girls spend more time in the air than has seldom been witnessed in a ring. You'll believe these girls can fly! Julie's tight, firm body strains as all of her strength is brought into play. Her nipples harden from the exertion as Spice's muscles ripple, further emphasizing her curves and power. This tape must be seen to be believed!

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