1 hour

112What a tag! Blonde and violent pro wrestler, Pretty Poison, in a black leotard, teams with willowly redhead Amber, in a blue bikini. As they stand in the corner, ready to fight you feel immediately that they are the perfect villains. Across the squared circle stand California Angel, glorious in her one-piece red and white-striped action suit, and her tiny, but tempestuous, partner, Julie, wearing a tanktop and bikini bottom. The bell rings and all hell breaks loose as, more often than not, three and four girls are in the ring at once. The referee, bulky Patti, blows her whistle constantly in this two-out-of-three-fall melee. Poison uses her pro experience to pulverize the busty Angel and then completely obliterates the tiny Julie. Amber plays dirty in the corner and holds her opponents' hair while Poison pounds their weakened flesh. Angel tries to retaliate and pounds away in her relentless style. The match is brutal and after each team wins a fall, the final fall is for all the marbles. Never have we seen Angel so dominated, and Julie wimpers in pain. But the two game blondes counter-attack Poison and the dastardly Amber in an all-out finish.

112 Then, 160-pound stocky blonde Eva Savage, a professional villain, tangles with willowy Amber, in a yellow and cerise bikini. Eva is a vicious one and loves to use backbreakers and headlocks on the tall redhead. Amber is a fighter, though, and rocks Eva with a series of crushing leglocks. Amber's speed confuses the blonde bomber and an already rowdy fight becomes a complete donnybrook. Finally, one girl lies beaten and helpless on the Double Trouble mat. Two great matches with large, powerful women.

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