1 hour

110 Topless action all the way as pert and pretty Cindy, in a blue and green bikini, matches holds and violence with leopard-outfitted June, a blonde hellcat. Airplane spins, hair-pulling and headlocks precede the ultimate discarding of both bras as these two intense fighters pant with exertion and scream in rage. Scissors action galore as first one, then the other, is punished. Tight young bodies are stretched and nipples stand erect with the excitement generated by mortal combat. The end comes with a frghtening body scissors leaving the hapless loser a convinceingly beaten woman.

110 The second match is a fantasy-mystery match, pitting a newcomer in a white bikini and blue mask against a black-bikined, red-masked grappler. This match turned out to be one of the greatest battle we've ever filmed. The action is fast and furious and the holds erotic and savage. Red Mask is a dynamo and surprises Blue Mask with her speed and cunning. The girls have two of the most perfect bodies in California and Blue Mask is one of the most perfectly proportioned girls we've seen in our ring. In an instant one weakened girl is stripped of her top, displaying as perfect a set of boobs as you can ever hope to imagine. Soon, she is backed in a corner and beaten and whipped, with her tormentor slamming her chest. In final humiliation the loser is exposed by being de- masked and beaten into a shieking, sobbing defeat. The victor is unidentified, but we expect that the winner will wrestle again in a masked match against another opponent.

110 The third match pits blonde Toni, in a tiger bikini, against cute Cindy, in a red and white suit. Toni looks better each time out and now her shape is cuter than ever. These little girls mash bodies into the the posts, and thoroughly enjoy a wild topless fight. After a tiring variety of holds one girl is caught in an excrutiating surfboard and is almost executed by her tormenttor. You will enjoy these dynamic tussles for years, and the masked battle alone is worth the price of the entire tape.

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