1 hour

101 Three hard-fought bikini matches are featured in this one-hour tape. Black battler Peaches, in a white bikini which contrasts her ebony skin, battles Renee, the voluptous queen of Southern California wrestling. The magnificient Renee, her blonde hair cascading down to her huge tits, stands glistening in her corner in a white, red, and black striped bikini. The bell sounds and all hell breaks loose as Peaches tears at Renee's bust. Peaches can wrestle with the best of them, and hold after hold is traded as first white skin mashes black and then dark brown has the advantage. Powerful legs and arms do damage until a devastating headlock forces one girl to cry "I quit!" in a great match.

101 Next the Double Trouble champion Noel matches knowledge and strength with another neophyte to our ring, black-bikinied redhead, Jane. Jane wears a long white headband, and soon after the melee begins she uses it as a murder weapon on the astonished Noel. Noel is tied and battered to the ropes until she finally escapes, surprising the tall Jane with a dizzying airplane spin. Noel then applies a series of scissor holds on the redhead and the battle gets hotter and hotter. Jane is a surprising fighter and punishes Noel time and again. The weary champion and aggressive first-timer fight to a dramatic end when one girl is left flattened and sobbing on the mat, holding her aching belly in writhing pain.

101 This tape ends with the classic bikini match of all time. Renee, in a bright blue bikini, finally does battle with red-bikinied Belle in a match that all female-combat fans have fantasized about for years. Never have these two classic female furies ever met in the same ring-- until now. Both blondes are busty and strong, with immense knowledge of the mat game. Hardbodies, streaming with sweat, which accentuates glorious muscle definftion, tangle in this titanic tussle. The hate both girls have for each other is real and one of the most bitter battles ever is finally captured on tape. The end comes when one hellion savagely punches her opponent three times in the stomach, forcing a wrenching defeat on a beautiful body The loser writhes in agony on the Double Trouble mat to end this sensational bikini tape. Don't miss checking out "California Angel", the wrestler with obe of the most unbelievable bodies and faces in all America.

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