1 hour

101 Years ago request after request had come in saying, "Put your Double Trouble girls in gloves and let them slug it out!" So, we did—in this, our first boxing tape. In match#1 Renee Vicary--The California Angel-- comes to do battle with Noel, our current wrestling champion. Renee, in her first filmed boxing match ever, dons a white and brown bikini and 16-ounce boxing gloves to duke it out with white tank-topped Noel, wearing red bikini shorts. You've never witnessed such a slugtest as no punches are pulled and the action is frantic. The bigger Renee lands KO punches on tough little Noel and the brunette is smashed to the mat more than once. Huge beads of perspiration glisten between Renee's hugh breasts as each avenger lands punishing blows to face and body. You'll hear every blow land as you witness the best boxing match ever taped in the amateur ring. The bout ends with a knockdown and the winner tears off her gloves to flatten the poor broken loser with a wrestling pin-down for good measure.

101 The second brutal bout is a topless encounter between busty and barbaric Belinda Belle, in white bikini briefs, and newcomer Tammi, a slender beauty with long permed tresses, baby face, and an amazing will to win. Little Cindy referees this dynamite slugfest which showcases direct hits to chins, faces and rounded, firm breasts. Tammi is terrific and has boxed in many Southern California clubs. She surprises the tough and ring-wise Belle with her quickness and flashy style. Belle, always the tough girl, uses her superior strength to confuse the beautiful Tammi and lands crushing blows to her milky-white skin. After many tiring rounds one girl lands two consecutive haymakers and the other combatant lands helpless on the ring floor. Cindy is accused of a quick count by the beaten girl and soon the referee is attacked by an angry she-cat. Cindy's top is soon history as she wrestles for her life with a furious and bitter hellion. After an exciting and vicious battle, one girl lies writhing and beaten on the canvas. Don't miss this great boxing tape with fierce exchanges, smashing blows, cries of pain and surprising skill--all with the most beautiful gladiators in the world.

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