1 hour

101 Three different matches highlight this one-hour tape riot. First, exotic Lisa, in an orange and black bikini, battles blonde Patti, with black top and tiger-striped bottoms. Lisa displays all of her desire for fighting as she swarms over the stricken blonde. Tugging at each rival's tops, the perfect and delicate bosoms of each combatant are soon exposed to violence. Patti battles back and soon the leggy Lisa is howling in pain. Finally, one vixen prevails in this most interesting bout.

101 The second match features newcomer Dawn, a sweet blonde in a red bikini, against dark haired Holly, in a spendid silver two-piece suit. Holly is bigger and stronger and soon has the lighter blonde in a heap of trouble. Dawn's left arm is damaged midway through the tussle, but she courageously fights on, applying menacing scissor holds until one fair maiden is whipped.

101 The third match is for the championship, with Noel, in black, defending her title against blonde Toni, in red. The mat is a sea of action, as holds and counterholds are applied constantly in this all-out match. Toni slams the champ from one side of the ring to the other in her attempt to place the belt around her own waist. Noel, in ring-wise fashion, methodically counters the blonde's actions, and soon the belt is placed on an exhausted winner with the beaten girl flattened on the mat. One hour of beauty, chilling action and violence that only the female of the species can dish out.

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