1 hour

101 We promised you the wildest and sexiest topless tag ever, and in this tape four of the greatest fighters in all of California slam-bang their way to a two-out-of-three fall melee like you've never witnessed before. Our reigning champion, Noel, clad in a pink and black bikini, teams with huge-chested Lynn-Marie in a black suit. Belle, the perfectly proportioned battler with a knockout figure, has Lauren, in a print bikini, as her partner. For a full forty minutes the ring war rages, as all four wrestlers lose their tops before the first fall is even over! Bouncing boobs fly all over the mat as excrutiating leglocks and torturous scissors holds rule the day. Screams of pain echo through the studio as beautiful torsos are wrenched and torn. Thrill as each team wins a fall as the advantage bounces back and forth to a flattening conclusion.

101 Then, to finish the tape, two gorgeous blondes battle to a violent, topless end. Cute Cheryl dons a light blue and white mini-bikini to vie with Patti, whose sleek athletic body is encased in a black and pink striped two-piecer. These two blondes battle§ˇ with savage holds and throws and flaxen tresses are yanked and throats are throttled until one lithe and victorious fair lady pounces cat-like on her fallen prey. Definitely one of our sexiest tapes of females who fight for their pride and self-esteem.

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