1 hour

101 The Battle of the Sexes! After receiving so many requests for mixed matches, our first such production is a one-hour tape pitting young Carl against the toughest girls that Double Trouble has to offer. The 140-pound Carl dons a red, strapped college wrestling outfit to battle Lynn-Marie, our largest and strongest girl. The blue-suited Lynn-Marie gives Carl more than he could have asked for as masculine pride is put on the line in this ring battle of male vs. female. Lynn-Marie's strong effort makes the perspiration soak her bathing suit as the two battle for supremacy. Carl doesn't treat the girl like a female and holds back nothing in his all-out assault until a surprise finish ends this twenty-minute donnybrook.

101 Then Carl challenges two girls at once as black-clad Noel and blonde Cheryl tag off in an erotic two-out-of-three-fall match. Each side wins a fall to set up a tremendous final struggle. Sometimes the two sexy California queens gang up on Carl simultaneously, but, as you will see, he is a match for both stunning beauties. Over 35 minutes in this bout as the young man battles for his dignity. All of you mixed match enthusiasts better not miss this one as many holds are used and at times Carl can't find a place to put his hands. This sexy and intense tape features some of the best mixed action ever filmed.

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