1 hour

101 Three frantic, topless matches are featured, with beautiful girl battling beautiful girl in Double Trouble's regulation wrestling ring. Just as Tapes #102 and #103 were vast improvements over our first effort, so does the action, clarity and camera-work improve in this tape. We now feel that we are producing the finest studio-quality fighting tapes ever made!

Match #1 features two brand-new tigresses in a fast-action match that will amaze you. Tawny Tia, a blonde wearing a black bikini, battles full-bosomed Julie, wearing a strapless top. The brown-haired Julie has a size advantage over the aggressive Tia, but the luscious blonde has more speed in the ring than any amateur we've ever seen. Fast flips, crushing scissors and rope action highlight this hair-pulling, all-out catfight. One girl is finally flattened and her chest heaves with the agony of defeat.

101 Next, our champion Noel, in black and green, matches holds and screams with lithesome Lisa, dressed in green. The tops are ripped off and the battle rages all over the mat. Neither beauty has ever lost a Double Trouble match and each girl tears into her opponent with reckless abandon. Two perfect, glistening bodies heave their way to a deadening climax.

101 The final match pits another newcomer, Holly, in a violent battle with blonde Toni. Holly wears an animal-striped bikini with a choker to battle the tough blonde. The new girl, a stunning brunette with a perfect 10 body, surprises the blonde veteran with her strength and aggressiveness. But, the wily blonde teaches the stunning Holly a few lessons in grappling. We think these three topless tussles will provide you with more action, ferocity and actual fighting than any produced by any other company in the business.

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