1 hour

101 Lynn-Marie, in a super-hot pink bikini, battles shapely new blonde, Cheryl, in the first terrific topless tussle. Cheryl, in a dark blue mini-bikini, has gorgeous, long tresses that only accentuate her athletic, tanned body. A quick snatch by Lynn-Marie eliminates Cheryl's bra and the blonde attacks her huge-chested opponent with a stepover toehold that has Lynn-Marie thrashing with pain. Soon Lynn-Marie's tremendous boobs are bare to the camera as Cheryl proves to be a beauty to be reckoned with. Lynn-Marie smashes Cheryl's body with flying leaps and, as one amazon lies beaten and choked, the glistening sweat pours down the victor's body.

101 Then we match Lauren, now a deep brunette, against as gorgeous a blonde creature as you'll find in California. Katja is this Venus' name and she stands statuesque in the corner with a white tank-top and bottom. The tiger-striped Lauren attacks the startled newcomer with a vengeance, tugging at her flaxen tresses and dominating the Russian princess. As the battle rages, Katja summons all her strength and you can feel her anger as she battles for her dignity. One superb body ends up straddled as her hair is practically pulled from its roots and her head is smashed into the mat. An utter defeat is in store.

101 The last bout is another vicious topless tangle and matches Belle, in a tiger-print bikini, against Lauren, in black. These two she-cats really fight and we must tell you that Lauren's nose was broken in this erotic and titanic struggle, although she didn't know it at the time. The two beautiful and talented grapplers battle bare to the waist, sweating and dominating to a head-butting conclusion. There are plenty of great holds and violent action as these athletic and beautiful women pull out all the stops. After viewing Tapes #102 and #103, you'll find out why we were on our way to being one of the longest-running producers of quality female-combat videos in the world!

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