1 hour

101 First, Lynn-Marie, in a blue and white print bikini, battles tawny blonde, Belinda Belle, in a pulsating, topless free-for-all. Belle has battled all over Southern California and has held several championship belts. We're sure you will recognize her non-stop attack style, her voluptuous body and her knowledge of pro-holds. Lynn-Marie and Belle go non-stop with savage punches to the face and body, scissors and snapmares and savage chokes. Belle's yellow print bikini top is snatched quickly from her frame and all hell breaks loose. Finally, a beaten loser lies helpless on the mat, stomach punched and flattened by a bruised but ecstatic victor.

101 The second match is also a topless tussle as Toni, wearing a white top, feels the wrath of exotic brunette Lisa, clad in a teeny print bikini. Having taken wrestling training since our first tape, the lithe and supple Lisa attacks Toni in a female frenzy. She attempts to tie Toni's wrists to the ropes with her own top as the war rages on. Both gladiators have sleek, lithe bodies but only one girl rises from the mat in joyous victory while the other ends up as a beaten battler.

101 Then comes our first championship belt match between fiery Belle and tough Noel. Noel, in a red bikini, knows that white & black-suited Belle will test her to the limit. Soon the gorgeous girls are head-butting each other into the turnbuckles and airplane-spinning their bodies to the mat. The ropes become torturous weapons as choking occurs, and scissor-holds and slams are traded. Their bras, straining to keep beautiful breasts from the attack of their opponents, occassionally slip away from their moorings in the heat of battle. It is a true championship match, with wrestling and domination the order of the day. Finally, one weary maiden cradles and scissors her spent victim to a submission and the belt is put around a slim and muscled waist. This tape is a substantial improvement over our first effort, and we're as proud as we can be. Don't miss this one!

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